1. Video Tutorial:
  2. Go to Xbox Network settings
  3. Open the Advanced DNS settings
  4. Change to a manual DNS setting
  5. Set the primary DNSto (This allows the connection to the server)
  6. Set the secondary DNS to (This is Google’s DNS server. This allows your other games to function.)
  7. Test and save the settings
  8. Connect to any of the servers in the big list and wait for the connection menu to appear
  9. Connect to a new server and enter our server settings there
  10. Save if you would like
  11. If having issues, refer to the comments and description in the Youtube tutorial or talk to PescadoCaliente


  1. Open your favorite Minecraft launcher and launch Minecraft running at least version 1.16.4
  2. Navigate to the Multiplayer menu
  3. Click Add Server
  4. Enter our server information
  5. Click save and/or connect
  6. If having issues, talk to PescadoCaliente


  1. Be sure to be connected to Wi-Fi as Minecraft Multiplayer does not work on cellular data
  2. Launch Minecraft Pocket Edition
  3. Navigate to the Servers menu
  4. Scroll to the bottom and press Add Server
  5. Enter our server information
  6. Click Play or Save
  7. If having issues, talk to PescadoCaliente
  • Account linking is available for those that play on both Bedrock and Java clients and want to link your accounts on this server. This will link your inventories, XP, villager trades, etc. It’s as if you’re logging in from a Java client regardless. 
  • This process prioritizes the Java account information for the linked account. This means that it will use your Java inventory, not your Bedrock inventory. Please move all needed items over from your Bedrock inventory to your Java inventory before doing this process.
  • You will NOT lose your Bedrock inventory. It will be held in the background should you ever need it again.
  • If you play on other Geyser servers, please note that this is a global linking process and will link your accounts on all Geyser servers. If this is a problem for you, please reach out to an admin and we’ll get you set up.
  • You may unlink at anytime
  • Click the button below and follow the instructions on that page

Link My Accounts